One last hug…

I originally was going to post a cookie taste test video! it turned out pretty well and it was an interesting concept. However WordPress does not support video files. 😦   I wish I would have known that before hand, haha.

 So instead I would like to take a minute to talk about my grandfather. Today is Thanksgiving and the whole day has felt like something is missing. I realized it was him, his presence, his soul, my grandpa. My grandpa Allen passed away a few months ago from a struggling battle of cancer. He was the strongest person I’ve ever known, even when life was dragging him down he was still smiling.  He lived far away from us but we still stayed in contact and came to visit every summer. You never realize how much you truly love someone until there gone. When my grandpa passed it was a hard time for everyone. I was glad he wasn’t in pain anymore but it still hurt.The next time you see your grandpa, your mom, or any of your family members give them a great big hug, because we don’t know how much time we have left on this earth.  If I could hug my grandpa one last time I would.  I know his memory will always live on and he’s smiling down at me from above, but I still miss him. I miss my grandpa. IMG_3729


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